Retail Construction

Nelson Construction, Inc. (NCI), located in Paramus, NJ, specializes in a variety of construction needs, including retail construction. We have experience delivering quality work that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Through our diverse team, we offer a variety of services to meet each client’s individual needs with both existing structures and new buildings. For each project, we begin working long before construction begins.

In retail construction, we understand that space must be designed to promote a retailer’s products. We design retail spaces with the customer in mind, and to draw them into an area where they feel comfortable browsing. This includes strategically placed displays, as well as plenty of room to maneuver around displays and other customers. We believe the buying experience should be maximized, and the store should reflect the attitudes and interests of the customers.

At NCI, we have worked with a variety of retailers to enhance retail space, including high-end flagship stores. We guard our reputation as well as that of our clients. We have built a successful track record as a multi-million-dollar company, generating repeat business and referrals from a prestigious client base. We combine architecture and interior design to provide the best customer experience. Retail construction includes everything from small maintenance repairs to department store vendor shops and street front developments. We communicate with management at the stores to ensure they stay open and provide the best customer service while construction projects are ongoing.