Pre-Construction Services

At Nelson Construction, Inc. (NCI), we serve the New York tristate area from our office in Paramus, NJ. We offer pre-construction services that go beyond the traditional estimate. We provide evaluations and assessments necessary for the client to make the most informed decision. Our highly trained and educated office support team, skilled craftsman, and extensive list of qualified subcontractors work together to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Pre-construction services consist of the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end. This ensures that the cost estimate we provide is accurate and reliable. It is in this early stage that preliminary planning and engineering concepts are developed. For timely, quality project delivery, we consider this step thoroughly. Through this process, we collaborate with our client to define the project, identify any potential issues, and analyze cost impacts. In this stage, the project scope, schedule, and cost are also defined. Armed with this information, the client can determine if the project is viable.

The goal of pre-construction services is to provide the client with a firm project scope, precise timeline, and accurate cost estimate. By communicating with the client, we determine the overall scope of the project. We then conduct a site evaluation to create a site master plan. Our experience allows us to offer value engineering, during which we analyze the scope of work to determine if it meets the cost analysis and to suggest areas for cost savings. Clients may want to use the information gathered during pre-construction for their capital project appropriation process. This is a great benefit of this process for clients who wish to procure funding.