Office Construction

Nelson Construction, Inc. (NCI), in Paramus, NJ, is also highly skilled in office construction projects. We offer complete construction services such as cost budgeting and analysis, site evaluation and surveying, new construction or alterations, and architectural coordination. Office buildings consist of various types of commercial buildings, including those that are co-located with warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, and call or data centers.

As with any project we undertake, we work with office management to stay within budget and deliver on time. We know how disruptive repair or construction projects can be to employee productivity, so we coordinate with management to develop a plan to minimize disruptions to the daily routine. We have a diverse portfolio with projects such as auto showrooms, banks, tenant office fit-outs, and corporate headquarters.

Today’s employees are more environmentally conscious than ever and often consider this factor when making a decision about an employer. At NCI, we offer a range of green building services such as Energy Star and LEED to meet the needs of employers who are focused on sustainability and want to improve their environmental stewardship. Our goal is to create an office environment that is practical and efficient, yet dynamic so that employees will look forward to coming to work every day. We provide innovative solutions that focus on the needs of our client. Our experience allows us to create an office space that will maximize production and entice new employees to come to work.