Design-Build Programs

Nelson Construction, Inc. (NCI), located in Paramus, NJ, serves the New York tristate area. We offer design-build services as an alternative to traditional construction estimates based on architectural drawings and specifications. This method allows one point of contact for both the design and construction phases of the project. Through this process, we maintain honesty and the integrity of the client’s design through a close working relationship with the architect or designer. We exceed our clients’ expectations in this process through open communication with all parties and by delivering on time and within budget.

Design-build services have a number of advantages over the traditional project delivery method. One of these advantages is that the single point of contact allows complete accountability as one entity maintains responsibility for all aspects of the project. Another advantage is that costs are minimized. The design-build process typically results in about a 10 percent savings of the total project costs. Time is also saved through this process as schedules are streamlined. Design-build services do not require a formal bid process and the contractor and design teams are consolidated, resulting in time savings. Another advantage is that communication is improved. The design-build process results in open communication between the design-build team and the client. Because everyone is on the same team, problems can be addressed more quickly.

At NCI, we are there for the client every step of the way. Through the design-build process, we deliver excellence by identifying our clients’ requirements and executing them in a timely manner. Through careful budgeting and scheduling, and by attracting the brightest and best talent, we ensure quality control and orchestrate all site functions to keep the project moving forward.